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Our own crafted bows

All of the materials used in the Arcos Gonzalez workshop are acquired through completely legal processes and, when necessary, bear international certification of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

González violin bows

González cello bows

González double bass bows

Antique violin bows

These are samples of the antique bows that are on sale. Generally, they will bear a “certificate of authenticity” from an internationally recognized expert.

Adolf Schuster violin bow Carl Fischer violin bow Charles Espey violin bow school of Josepf Voirin violin bow K van der Meer violin bow W A Pfretzschner violin bow

Antique cello bows

Claude Thomassin cello bow Roger François Lotte cello bow

Chinese bows

These bows are produced in factories, tend to have a beautiful appearance, are economically priced and some are even copies of renowned brands. They tend to be good for students for some period but tend to weaken because of the low quality materials used.

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