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Stradivarius of Madrid Royal Palace

We are very proud to continue collaborating with the maintenance of the Stradivarius that National Heritage preserves in the Royal Palace of Madrid. By clicking on the image you can see a video about the string change that we have recently made. We thank Pasea_Madrid for making this video.

Interview by Pablo de la Fuente

We want to share with you the interview done by Pablo de la Fuente to Francisco González. Thank you Pablo and congratulations for your work.

Manuel Castillo. Sevilla

Lecture given at the "Manuel Castillo" Conservatory of Music in Seville. April 2023.

Esteban Sánchez. Mérida

Lecture and workshop held at the "Esteban Sánchez" Professional Conservatory of Music in Mérida. March 2023.

XXVI Musical Week. Elda

Lecture given during the XXVI Musical Week of the Ana María Sánchez Professional Conservatory in Elda, Alicante. March 2022.

Conservatori Superior, Illes Balears

Lecture at the Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears. November 2021

Jesús Guridi. Vitoria

Lecture for professrs and students of the professional degree at the Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Music. Vitoria on May 8. 2021.


The Italian website "My Cello" publishes an interview with Francisco González. Thank you very much for the interview and congratulations on your work. You can read it here.

Virtual meeting of cellists

On July 19, a virtual meeting of cellists took place in which Francisco González was interviewed and answered questions from the participants. Cellists from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Chile participated ... We want to thanks César Bourguet for inviting us and organizing this interesting meeting.

The Bows of the Confinement

We present you the bows of the artisan created during the months of house confinement. 3 Cello bows, 2 violin and one viola. Creation, concern, suffering, respect, responsibility, love ... We hope that everything they have received in all this time can be returned in musical format. Do you want to give them the opportunity?

Thanks Adam

Adam Klocek, a customer from Poland commissioned us to repair a violoncello bow and to copy the original missing frog. After received their repair bow he sent us this message: "Dear Francisco: The bow is absolutely excellent!!! Your work is unbelivable!! Also the frog and button are beautiful! Many, many thanks to rescue this beautiful bow". Thanks Adam for your message. It encourages us to continue working with passion.

Matisse 2019

Conference in San Lorenzo del Escorial during the Matisse International Music Course. July 2019


Lecture at the Reina Sofía Higher School of Music and visit of our workshop by the students. July 2019

Decalogue of Excellence

On febrary, visiting the exhibition "Care Design, Contemporary Spanish Crafts", we were struck by the "decalogue of excellence" that we could be read there. We invite you to read it on Marcarena Navarro-Reverter website curator of the exhibition. In Arcos Gonzalez we subscribe 100% of this Decalogue of Excellence.

Lecture and Exhibition

Lecture, panel discussion and bow's exhibition at "Conservatiorio Profesional de Música Sebastian Durón". Guadalajara. On March 27. 2019.


Lecture at "Coservatorio Jacinto Guerrero" in Toledo and "Conservatorio Pedro Aranaz" in Cuenca. On March. 2019.

Thank you! Artist!

David Abades is the author of this portrait. It has given us special enthusiasm for how the artist has captured the expression of the craftsman. Thank you David!

México Tour

Conference "The Bow. Its Function and Knowledge" given at the music faculty of the UNAM and at the National Conservatory of Mexico on September 25 and 26.


Sharing moments with who was my cello teacher, Marçal Cervera, at 90 years old. With all my love and gratitude. July 2018.


Lecture in Sigüenza during Cellosmagics curse. July 2018.


Workshop and lecture at Newark College, School of Violin Making and Repair (United Kingdom), the school in which Cecilia González was graduated as lutier. June 2018.


Lecture "The bow, its function and knowledge" in the music conservatories of Valladolid, Pontevedra and Ciudad Real.


The website "Toda la Música" has dedicated an extensive report entitled: "The importance of the bow on string instruments". Thank you very much for the article and congratulations for your work. You can see it here.

Thanks Tom

Tom Kitching, a customer from the United Kingdom, writes us the following message: "A big thank you for my rehair, the bow is performing very well now. A really good job. It was nice to meet you and see your work".

7 star destination

Once again, we have been chosen by the Community of Madrid as "Madrid, a 7 star destination, the best workshop in the world" jointly with other 300 shops.


Lecture at the "Conservatorio Tomás Luis de Victoria". Ávila. On november 28, 2017.


Bow’s exhibition and lecture at the “Conservatorio de Música de Zaragoza”. On november 23, 2017.


Lecture at the "Superior Center for Research and Promotion of Music of the UAM". Madrid. On november 2, 2017.


Lecture at the "Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears". Palma de Mallorca. On march 18, 2017.


A course organized by CEPIC (Center for String Instruments Instructions): THE REVOLUTIONARY BOW. The evolution of the bow up to the time of the Tourte model and its interpretation implications. The course is taught by Christophe Coin, during the dates of January 28 and 29 of 2017.


Lecture at the "Escola de Altos Estudos Musicais de Galicia". Santiago de Compostela. December 2016.


Lecture at the "Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo". December 2016.


Ashmolean Museum. Oxford. November 2016.


Royal Academy. London. November 2016.


Lecture at the "Escuela de Laudería de Querétaro". Mexico. September 2016.


Lecture at the "Facultad de Música de la Universidad de las Artes". Mexico. September 2016.


Lecture at the "Instituto Superior de Música Esperanza Azteca". Mexico. September 2016.

Exhibition in México

Bow’s exhibition at the “Conservatorio de Nacional de México”. September 2016.


Lecture at the "Conservatorio Profesional de Música Arturo Soria". Madrid. March 2016.

Lecture in México

Lecture at the “Centro de las Artes y la Cultura”, MusicDepartament of the “Aguascalientes University”, Mexico.

Exhibition in México

Bow’s lecture and exhibition at the “Conservatorio de Nacional de México”. September 2015.

Sarasate Live!

Our bows expoxed in the 12th Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition. Pamplona, July of 2015.


Exhibition at the“Conservatorio de Música de Alcalá de Henares” (Madrid), June of 2015.

International Congress

Francisco González with three great masters at the Congress of “L’Entente Internationale des Maitres Luthiers et Archetiers D’Art” in Stockholm. May, 2015.

On May 16, Arcos González organized an exhibition of cello bows at the Superior Center on Musical Instruction "Progreso Musical".


The Bow: its Role and Knowledge" is the title of the lecture that Francisco González gave at the University Alfonso X El Sabio (The Wise), on May 7, 2015.

Awards ceremony

On May 3rd we gave a González bow to José Fraguas as an award for being the winner of the Violin Competition of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), which was organized by the Forum Musikae.

7 star destination

We have been chosen by the Community of Madrid as "Madrid, a 7 star destination, the best workshop in the world" jointly with other shops. From now on you can find us in the official App. of Premium Shops in Madrid.

Visit from U.S.A.

On April 17, 2015 we welcomed the String Orchestra of Fairfield Ludlowe Middleschool from Fairfield, Connecticut (USA). Francisco González showed them his workshop and explained the most important features of his bows.

New sponsorship

Arcos Gonzalez has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Higher School of Music Reina Sofía.

Crines de colores

We rehair bows with any color of your choice and of excellent quality. Special requests are possible.

Exhibition of Bows

On November 11, 2014, Arcos Gonzalez put on an exhibition of bows at the Amaniel Professional Music Conservatory (Madrid). There on show were bows for violin, viola, violoncello and double basses of various types.

Conference at the Autonomous University of Madrid

On October 28, 2014, Francisco Gonzalez spoke at the conference “The Bow for Stringed Instruments” at the Autonomous University of Madrid for students of musicology in the Acoustic Area.

“Traditional Artisan” Award

Francisco Gonzalez received the Award for Artisany (2013) from the Community of Madrid, in the category for Traditional Artisan for his 30 years of work and service to musicians and for the high quality of his work. The award was given to Gonzalez on March 26, 2014, at the Teatro Real de Madrid, where he stood alongside Ramon Espantaleon who was awarded for his ceramic work under the category of Contemporary Artisan.

Bach with Stradivarius cello

On September 24, 2012, there was a press conference at the Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid) where the Stradivarius violoncello – repaired by the great restorer Carlos Arcieri- was presented.

National Patrimony of Spain requested that I, as a well-qualified cellist, to play the violoncello at the event and to show the world, through the national and international media, that the instrument had indeed recovered all the beauty of its sonority. I was pleased to accept such an important task. That is what happened. I have wanted to put it on my website with the consent of National Patrimony, so that all of you who couldn’t be at the event could hear the beautiful sound of the violoncello you always dreamed of. This jewel of an instrument is at the Palacio Real de Madrid in the company of its sisters from the Stradivarius Quartet.

National Awards for Artisanry (2007)

Francisco Gonzalez is Finalist in the 2007 National Artisanry Awards.

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